The importance of roof surveys can never be ignored as it helps in determining whether your roof needs professional repair or maintenance. For someone not aware of the term, a roof survey is a visual inspection or physical examination of the roof by an experienced surveyor to determine its condition. If the person feels that the structure is not sturdy enough to stand the test of time, he might suggest a few repairs or ask you to replace the entire structure. If you have a flat roof in your house, make sure you hire experienced roofers for professional roof survey and repairs.

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4 Common Issues Generally Identified During A Flat Roof Survey

Lack Of Routine Maintenance

One of the primary reasons why people often ignore routine maintenance of the roofs in their house is because it is one of the few structures which people often overlook. Hiring professionals for routine maintenance is a must if you don’t want your roof to get damaged when you are repairing some other elements in your home. For example, if you have hired a professional for maintenance of the solar panels or air conditioning unit in your house, they might need access to the roof. Serious problems can occur if the condition of your roof has deteriorated or has fragile tiles.

Storm Damage

The impact of storm damage on your roof is quite drastic and can occur due to a wide variety of reasons like a hail storm, high winds or extreme weather conditions. Hiring a professional for flat roof survey is a must if a bad storm has recently hit your city. The professional conducting the survey will ensure that there are no cracks or lose tiles. They will also let you know whether your roof has suffered any substantial damage due to falling tree limbs or trees and need flat roof repair services.

Weathering And Ageing

If you are one of those people who think that their roof will last forever because they have installed the most expensive structure, it’s high time you debunk the myth. The lifespan of an average roof is around 2 to 3 decades. Over time, their quality and performance deteriorate and you have to get in touch with a company offering flat roof repairs in London. Though you can’t avoid the weathering and ageing effects on the structure, you can minimise their impact with regular maintenance.

Vegetation Damage

Not everyone with a flat roof installed in their house is aware of the fact that vegetation like moss can cause substantial damages to the roof. There are higher chances for vegetation to grow on the rooftop if you fail to clear the gutters and low areas at fixed intervals. There are even a few situations when saplings and other plants start growing in the gutters and enter the roof. The seeds bought by birds visiting your roof can also blow up due to heavy winds.

If you notice any of the issues stated above during a flat roof survey, get in touch with flat roof repair experts without any delay.