A primary benefit of opting for flat roofs is that they can enhance the visual appeal of your property drastically and offer numerous benefits. Though they have a few design limitations, the roofs are quite flexible. Approach a professional company installing flat roofs and you can stay assured that the structure will last for years to come even with a minimal maintenance.

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Expert roofers can even help you choose the best roofing material which can enhance the durability and functionality of the structure even further. It is not only about the material but the professionals also know how much slope will be sufficient to drain the accumulated water.

Need Professional Flat Roofing In Sudbury? 4 Materials To Choose From

  • Single Layer Membrane Roof

These roofs are made using advanced roofing technology and so they are treated to be the ideal material for commercial roof constructions. They are also known as elastomeric or plastomeric roof membrane and are offered in a wide variety of materials. Thin sheet materials are used during installation which makes them suitable for both domestic and commercial uses. Whether you are opting for flat roofs made using polymer or synthetic rubber, they are quite durable and capable of handling sudden changes in temperature.

  • Modified Bitumen

Though these roofs are quite similar to the single-ply rolled roofs, a mineral-based wear surface is used to saturate them. Earlier, heat was applied on the adhesive as the material was unrolled. Nowadays, roofers prefer using the peel-and-stick systems as they are easier and safer. Opt for this material if you have a tight budget and you can try a DIY to install the peel-and-stick material, they even help in reducing energy bills as heat gets reflected on the light-coloured mineral surface.

  • Rubber Membrane

A majority of the experienced roofers offering professional flat roofing in Sudbury suggest their customers to opt for this material as they are quite durable. The inner tube is engineered in such a way so that they can resist damages caused due to the harmful rays of the sun. Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) can also be anchored using fasteners or glued. A primary benefit of using rubber membrane is that the installation is quite homeowner-friendly. Though having a very lightweight, they are resistant to tears.

  • Built-Up Roof

They are also known as BUR and are regarded as one of the most commonly used materials for flat roofs. They are a more advanced variety of the traditional roofs made using hot tar and gravel. Nowadays, waterproof materials are used to make three or more piles of hot tar before they are ballasted by a smoother layer of river stone. As compared with the traditional roofs made using tar paper, the modern built-up roofs use advanced materials like fibreglass membranes.

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Since you are now aware of the common roofing materials you can choose from to make flat roofs, choose the one which suits your needs and budget and reap numerous benefits.