Do you have a residential or commercial construction project coming up? Is working at great heights for prolonged periods a part of your upcoming project? Hiring scaffolding can be your safest way to work at heights. Using scaffold towers can make your job both safe and quick without making use of less safe ladders.

Scaffolding in Diss

When working on a construction site, safety should be your top priority and attention must be paid when working at heights. Even though you may think of using ladders, using scaffold tower is the ideal way to prevent falls. No matter whether they are made of timber, aluminium or fibreglass, traditional ladders just won’t cut it. In addition, scaffold towers are a more practical approach to working at heights.

Are you wondering what makes scaffold towers more advantageous than ladders? Read on.

Scaffolding In Diss: Reasons Scaffold Towers Are More Effective Than Ladders


1. Enhanced Safety

Scaffolding towers are safer than ladders since they have a much more extensive surface area. In comparison to the two legs of a ladder, they are supported on four legs, which make them free-standing. This gives the assurance that you can carry out the construction work with less risk. Furthermore, when using scaffold towers, you can carry out your job without stressing about falling from the ladder

2. Strength Of Assembly

Scaffold towers provide a durable and sturdy frame to support the platform and the user on top. This ensures that the tower can support the strains and weight, which are expected of it. Also, they outline a clear and supportive assembly process for the user. Ensure you clearly read and follow the instructions provided by the tower provider. Remember; assembling the tower correctly and safely is essential.

3. The Platform

One of the major advantages of hiring scaffolding in Diss is the platform. The platform allows you to move freely and have equipment and tools beside you, which isn’t possible with ladders. The platform even means that you can leave the tower in one place for a longer time. It can withstand both materials and persons expected for its purpose, thus providing reassurance and confidence to the user that the platform can support during their work.

4. Easy To Work On

Scaffold towers make it easy to complete jobs, especially jobs like de-guttering and painting. The platform on a scaffold tower can put you in the best spot to reach difficult-to-access areas. And, the ability to work easily also means that the work can be finished quickly. No matter how tricky the job is, scaffold towers are your ideal solution.

So what are you still pondering over? Quickly approach a reputed scaffold rental company and start benefiting from scaffold towers!

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